Monday, September 30, 2013

September Favorites ♥ 2013!

Hey everyone! I know, September is already coming to an end and that only mean one thing - October. I especially love the last quarter of every year. Mainly because of the long break from school and of course considering Singapore to be such a humid country to be in, the last quarter of each year would be the only time that we have perfect cold weather. Apart from that, we all know that the Fall collection are already in stores and I am a huge pullover junkie. So that makes me love the last quarter of the year even more than I already do. Right, I think I should already be sharing with you guys what I have been loving in the month of September! Let's get started and jump into everything!

Make Up Product(s)

I am a huge fan of primers and I have been religiously applying them before I apply my foundation or concealer. And now you're probably wondering why I have yet to share any primers if I have been religiously using them. The reason being - The previous primers which I have used (E.L.F & Benefit Porefessional) does not really make a huge difference. I believe this is my very first primer which I have included in a favorites blog post and I am ridiculously attached to Maybelline's Baby Skin Pore Eraser. Just like what it says, it helps to minimize pores just as good as Benefit's Porefessional but considering Maybelline to be a drugstore brand, this primer is actually a heck lot better! My make up did not stay on very well when I was using Benefit's but I noticed how great the staying power was with Maybelline's Baby Skin. What I also love about this product is that it gives off a satin and matte finish which only makes my make up look more airbrushed!

Surprise, surprise! Now I know how much I've raved about my M.A.C Moisture Cover Concealer and I feel the excessive need to include it again in my September Favorites. However, I'm not going to be letting you guys know what it does and what not just because I have already done so in a couple of posts before! Basically, this is just a miracle. If I were to be stranded in a island and I'm only allowed to choose one make up product, it would honestly be this. I kid you not. I've been wearing this every single time when I apply make up on and I have also been giving the Revlon Colorstay Foundation a miss!

Moving on to the eyes, I have only one make up product to share with you and that would be Stila's Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner! This product is perfect for every single one of you. It doesn't matter if you have dry, normal or even oily eyelids. I have extremely oily eyelids and oil would just well up on my lids and the previous eyeliners that I've tried did not stay the entire day. So obviously, I felt that I had to search for a decent eyeliner which would not smudge and obviously not be affected by my oily lids. I dropped by Sephora sometime ago and the lovely lady working there recommended a couple of eyeliners but I feel that Stila's Stay All Day attracted me the most! It is extremely pigmented and that was definitely what I was looking for because the previous eyeliners just faded away through out the day. Also, if you're a beginner this is the one for you because the tip of the liner is very thin and no doubt sharp so it makes it a lot easier for you to apply at thin and clean line. 

For my brows I have the E.L.F Eyebrow Kit in the shade medium! You can already probably tell how much I love this product because I've hit pan and I make it a point to fill in my brows even when I do not have any concealer, foundation or just about any make up on! I feel like brows play the most significant part in framing your face and making you look a ton lot better! The E.L.F Eyebrow Kit is first of, very affordable and it is extremely build-able but at the same time pigmented. I would just use the tiniest bit to fill in my entire brow and slowly build up the ends to give it a slightly more darker and defined look! What I really love about it is that it stays on the entire day and does not make you look like you just lost your brows at the end of the day!

I have also been trying out Essence's lash and brow gel mascara. I use this over my brows after filling them in with E.L.F's eyebrow gel and this just gives my brows the clean look and it definitely sealed in the E.L.F eyebrow gel and also prevents my brows to mess up throughout the day! It is also not clumpy at the slightest and very very very very very inexpensive!

Hair Product(s)

I only have one hair product which I have been loving in the month of September! It is the Lucido-l Hair Wax in Edgy Move. My mom actually bought this for herself but I used it more than her. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you know how much of a habit I have uploading and sharing selfies (which I seriously need to stop)! You will also notice that I have been wearing my hair messy with curls in it and this product does wonders! It instantly gives volume and texture to my hair which I appreciate a lot. It smells great and it does not leave your hair sticky like how some wax does. I will definitely repurchase this if I ever run out of it!

Body Product(s)

I am the most excited about this stuff right here! This was given to me as a gift for my 17th and Oh My Lord this is Justin in a bottle! It sounds weird but I am so in love with The Key. I feel that Justin's perfumes are all not for younger girls, they're probably for teenage girls at their later teens and early twenties! I am the worst at describing scents but I shall try. The Key definitely smells musky but there is like a spicy scent to it. I don't know I am so sorry but I am really that bad at it. 

I have also been loving Gucci Rush 2 at the moment! It is not one of those new perfumes but I mean it smells amazing so why not? Gucci Rush 2 smells distinctively feminine mainly because of how floral-ish and sweet it smells. It is like my go to everyday scent currently!

The final beauty and body related product I have been obsessed with this month would be the Honeymania Body Butter from The Body Shop! I literally fell in love with this the moment I applied it onto my skin. I mainly just apply it on my legs as well as my elbows because that's where my dry areas are and this actually does an impressive job at keeping those areas hydrated and very smooth! It obviously smells divine and I usually have this on at night before I tuck in because it literally melted off me when I wore this during the Believe Tour. But it works amazing when you're not exposed to direct sunlight or heat! The only downside to it is that it is kind of pricey but I mean it is after all an amazing product!


I am in one word - obsessed with my Timberland boots! It is amaze balls, I kid you not! First of all it is more comfortable than Dr Martens and a lot less heavy! It pretty much matches almost all of the clothing pieces I have and if you follow me on Instagram, I have already posted an outfit where I was wearing my Timberland boots! It is the most beautiful pair of shoes I own and what made me fell for it would be the insides! I am in love with anything that has floral on 'em and the floral printed on the insides of it are the more darker/fall colors. So I thought that these boots would be perfect for Fall! And what I absolutely love about it is that you can totally change how your outfit looks like when you cuff your boots!

The wishbone necklace would probably be my most used accessory this month because it is very simple and pretty much matches all of my outfits! 


We all know how much I love and adore Ben & Jerry's! Infact this is like my favorite ice cream company because they come up with the best and unique flavours ever! I have especially indulged quite a couple tubs of Mapple Tree Hugger because it is obviously delish! I would say that it is the best flavour for those craving for ultimate sweetness because there are chunks of brown sugar brownie and caramel in it! I would just watch late night movies and drown myself in Mapple Tree Hugger all night. 


Lolly - Maejor Alie ft. Justin Bieber, Juicy J 

23 - Miley Cyrus ft. Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa

Where We Started - Dinner And A Suit

That is it for my September Favorites! I hope you have enjoyed reading the entire post!


Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Body Shop Mini Haul!

Hey everyone! It is my birthday month and I'm finally turning 17 soon which is really exciting for me because I don't know - I just love birthdays because I get to eat lots of cake! Alright that was a slight sidetrack so let's just move on to the main point of today's blog post!

As I was saying, since it is my birthday month, I am entitled to a 20% off store wide from The Body Shop and I am in love with their products. So I thought that I could seize the opportunity and restock on products which I'm running out of as well as try new products which they have in store! So let's get started and jump into everything!

Most of my skin care products are from The Body Shop's Tea Tree line and I have been religiously using most of the Tea Tree products for quite some time now. If you can't tell yet, I am loving it a ton! The Tea Tree line can be considered pricey as compared to drugstore cleansers but I feel that it is worth it and I was coincidentally running out of most of the products so I obviously had to restock them!

First up, I have my favorite facial cleanser of all time. I have totally ran out of the current bottle and since I got 20% off, might as well stock up two bottles! These are probably my 4th and 5th bottles. They last for about a month and a half to two months so these should last me till the end of this year. I thought I could include a brief review of The Body Shop's Tea Tree Cleanser because I have been using this for the longest time ever. It doesn't matter which bottle I'm at but for the first few uses, the smell would be kind of overwhelming and it may sting my eyes and face at the slightest but it'll get a little bit more gentle afterwards! It also does not leave me with the squeaky-dry-clean feeling after cleansing it off with luke warm water and I appreciate that a lot because I hate those cleansers which gives me the squeaky finish.

I am not completely sure if I have let all of you know how much love I have for the Tea Tree facial scrub. This product is perf. I decided to give it a try back when there was a The Body Shop booth at school because it was 20% off too and I turn out loving this so much! I noticed a difference with my hyper-pigmentation after about 3 uses and I use this every morning during the weekdays because it is not a really harsh scrub. Basically it just removes the dead skin cells which helps in fading any scarring and uneven skin tone.  They also changed the packaging and the consistency of it which I have yet to try but I will let you guys know what I think of it and if it's going to be included in my favorites then I obviously love it! I'm also a tad bit worry if it'll leave me with the squeaky finish because of what is written on the packaging but we'll see how it goes!

The final skin care product I got is a cleanse-off face mask! I've been using sheet masks for quite some time now and I thought that it's time for a change. So I decided to go for the Tea Tree face mask because I have heard really great reviews on it! I'll definitely let you know if it's worth the price because I think it is kind of pricey for a small tub of face mask! 

Moving on to body products, The Body Shop introduced a new line which is known as the Honeymania and just like what the name says, this shower gel smells so much like honey! It definitely has sweet scent to it but I'm glad that it's not overpowering at all. The lady there applied a fair amount on the back of my palm and it lathers really well even without a loofah! After rinsing it off, the smell still lingers but it's not overwhelming! I have a huge feeling that this will be my new favorite shower gel because like I said, I love sweet scents and I really like the Honey I Washed The Kids soap from Lush and this smells kind of similar. I'm really excited to try this out!

The Body Shop was also having a promotion for the body scrub as well as the body butter! It was $39.90 for both and I thought that it was a pretty good deal because they cost $30.90 individually. 

I also gave the body scrub a try at the back of my palm and it definitely exfoliated the dead skin cells because my palm was a lot smoother afterwards - almost like a baby's butt. I kid you not! Besides, it smells so good I can't even. You should totally smell this when you're near an outlet! Similarly, the subtle sweet scent lingers even after rinsing it off. The scrub wasn't rough at all and it actually felt really great on the skin!

The final body product I got is the Honeymania body butter and I have always wanted to give the Strawberry body butter a try but the moment I smelled this and applied it onto my skin, it definitely won the strawberry body butter! Maybe it was the scent which made the huge difference because I really love sweet scents but the Strawberry body butter was a tad bit too sweet and kind of overpowering so it is no surprise that I bought a couple of products from the Honeymania line! I will definitely let all of you lovely people know if I am loving Honeymania in my September favorites! Stay tuned for it!

That is all for today. I'll talk to you guys soon!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

SEA Aquarium + MacBarbie07 Meet & Greet in Singapore!

Hey everyone! I know I haven't been updating my blog for sometime and I thought that I would update you with a more personal post instead of the normal beauty blog posts which I usually do. I would first like to apologize for the quality of the pictures because first and for most, the lighting for both days were ridiculous. The interior of the SEA Aquarium was dark so the pictures didn't turn out to look amazing and the Meet Up with Bethany was really rushing! I hope all you lovely people don't mind the slightest and yerp derp, let's get started! 

My really amazing best friend treated us (Izzah and I) to a lovely trip to the SEA Aquarium which is at Resorts World Sentosa in case you're not from Singapore and you have no idea where it is or what I'm talking about! 

So thanks a million Isrza for the tickets and you know I love you to death no matter how annoying you can be every single time! Make sure you check her videos out on YouTube - she draws portraits of celebrities and she's actually drawing me currently! I'll leave her link at the end of this post so make sure you're subscribed to her channel! 

Anyways, we definitely had so much fun there and I would definitely encourage those of you have yet to visit the SEA Aquarium because the marine life there - one word amazing! You see things that you see in Finding Nemo, I promise you. I think that's enough rambling you guys are probably already at the pictures lol. (PS. They were all swimming really fast. I did try my best to snap the best I could! A for effort?)

There are a million more pictures but they weren't of the best quality so I decided to share with you the best ones I have! 

We made our way to VivoCity for late lunch/early dinner and then chilled over at Ben & Jerry's for some ice cream! 

Moving on to Bethany's, otherwise known as MacBarbie07 on Youtube, Meet & Greet over at Marina Bay Sands! If you're following me on Twitter, then you would probably be annoyed by my tweets the night before the Meet Up because I was spamming your timeline with tweets to win the "front row" passes from Power 98! I sincerely apologize for spamming your timeline! I gotta do what I gotta do! :-P 

As you can see, the crowd was crazy! I didn't expect a lot of girls to be there actually. 

While waiting in line, we wrote whatever we wanted to say to Bethers in a small notebook which we got right before the Meet Up! I also brought Syafiqah along with me because she was the first one to reply to my tweet when I asked if anyone wanted the extra ticket I won! I was also relieved that she was the first one to reply because I honestly wouldn't want to go wit someone whom I don't know at all. 

I just had to do this. You are one annoying little brat. I wouldn't care if you faint when you met Beth because you don't deserve the passes in the first place. Alright so, she was basically just chanting and shouting at her friend, Tessa, "What if I faint Tessa! I want to faint now!" in a really draggy manner but loud. Then everyone else there was like annoyed by her just that we didn't show it. Until when she said "I don't care about laoshi!" really loudly and this girl was like "I care about your teacher!" and then tons of others also went "Yeah, we care about your laoshi!". We were all literally laughing out loud and one of the guards on duty even said to her that he needed a pair of ear plugs. She was just really darn annoying. I pity Tessa.

AND THEN WE FINALLY GOT TO MEET BETHANY NOEL MOTA!! CAN YOU FEEL MY EXCITEMENT AS I TYPE IN CAPS? I was super nervous and excited which explains the ugly and wide smile I have on my face. She touched me can you see it asdfghjkl we hugged and we talked and we even took a selfie which I had posted on Twitter and Instagram! Thank you so so so much for coming to Singapore! I love you. Her parents were there too but they looked tired so we didn't dare to approach them lol. 

After the meet up we made our way to 313 to have our dinner because we were starving so bad we barely had lunch. 

Yesterday was amazing. I never thought that I could meet Bethany Mota ever. Thank you Power 98 and thank you Syafiqah for coming along! I hope you had an amazing time like I did! It was also a lovely catch up sesh because the last time we met was months ago!

That is all for today. I doubt any of you actually read till the end haha but if you did then I really appreciate it.


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