Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Get Ready With Me! ♥

Hey everyone! I know I was supposed to update yesterday lol but I was busy and I decided to update today because I managed to squeeze some time after my UT to update my blog for you lovely readers! I wanted to show you how I get ready with the products which I have been sharing in my recent posts. Let's get started and jump into everything! 

As you can see, I have really atrocious skin which is annoying me entirely. I'm not blessed with flawless skin which girls kill for and I have gone through dermatologists which did help me a lot! Unfortunately, I am having a severe break out right now because I've been applying make up every single day for the past few weeks. To take care of my bad skin, I tone my skin before I start applying make up! I'm using the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner from The Body Shop. 

Apologies for my disgusting nails! I just had them removed before I started snapping these pictures! You can clearly see how bad my face complexion is with all these nasty hyper pigmentation, sun spots, acne scars and huge visible pores. Keep in mind that I am also cursed with oily skin so I religiously apply the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion from The Body Shop right after I tone my face! 

Let's move on to make up! I decided not to apply any primer or foundation this morning so I only applied my MAC Moisture Cover Concealer on the problem areas. I would dot them on my face and then blend it out using my ring finger because it blends better when I'm using my fingers instead of brushes. 

Not too sure why I went ahead with such a weird face but that's just me applying the same concealer under my eyes to conceal my really bad under eye circles! 

Moving on to my brows, I am currently using the ELF Eyebrow Kit to fill in my sparse brows! I wish I had Cara's or Lily's brows tho. Anyway, I fill in the center of my brows then slowly darkening the ends before I lightly fill in the front(?) of my brows. 

Before I apply mascara on my lashes, I would curl them and people do not know how much of a difference it makes if you curl your lashes! It instantly brightens and makes your eye look a lot bigger and more awake!

 I cannot stress enough on how much love I have for Revlon's Lash Potion mascara! I use Lash Potion on my upper and lower lashes to make it look longer and more defined! 

It's no surprise that I have uneven brows. Believe me, it annoys me very much. And like what people say, brows are sisters and not twins! So I do not put in 100% effort to achieve a symmetrical pair of brows. Here's what the end result looks like. You can already tell why I have so much love for the Lash Potion! 

You can probably see a quarter of the Minnie Mouse ears on top of my head. That's because I am just using it to keep my damp hair out of my face while I'm applying make up! After I'm done with my eyes, I dust a tad bit of the NYX blush in Dusty Rose on my cheeks to give me a sheer pink glow. 

To finish it off, I am using my favourite Esprique Aqua Drape Rouge on my lips for an everyday light lip colour! 

Make up's done! :-) 

I'm trying my best to stay away from the heat so I've been letting my hair to air dry while I'm doing my make up. 

I've always wished to have good silky smooth hair but unfortunately, I am again, cursed with knotty hair! Here you see me combing my hair with a paddle brush to untangle hundreds of knots in my hair. 

Since I'm avoiding heat on hair, I decided to go with a simple hairstyle which requires no straightening or curling! First of all, I parted my hair in the middle with my fingers. 

I'm only showing you one side of my hair for a better and clearer view but I'm doing this on both sides! Anyhoo, taking the front section of my hair, I'm just twisting it halfway to the back. 

With a brown bobby pin, I'm pinning the twisted front section of my hair to the side of my head. And voila! That's all I did for my hair today. I'm someone who forgets almost everything and I've forgotten to snap a picture of me applying my favorite La Bourse hair serum. Oopsy daisy!

Yerp derp! I was getting ready for school because I was having UT earlier on today. I hope you've enjoyed my GRWM blog post and let me know if you'd like to see more of this! Until next time! 


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