Tuesday, March 18, 2014

River Safari!

If you're anticipating for another beauty related blogpost, I sincerely apologize because I feel that it's time for me to include a lifestyle post - plus this "event" is worth reading! A beauty related blogpost will be up sometime this week and that's a promise :-)

Anyway, getting into the actual purpose of this post, my best friends and I decided to spend quality time  together during the year break. We decided that River Safari would be a spot on idea - I mean who doesn't want to visit the two most fluffiest and cutest panda? I'm going to sort of "bring" you with us through our day yesterday! (Only the interesting bits though!)

We started off with the Mississippi River where you can find American Beavers, Alligator Gar, Alligator Snapping Turtle and Mississippi Paddlefish! 

Alligator Snapping Turtle - Mississippi River

Moving on, we headed over to Gangee River to have a good look at the Indian Gharial and Goonch Catfish. 

Indian Gharial - Gangee River

We found Crab-Eating Macaque at Mekong River and all the usual "monkey jokes" started coming in! 
"Eh Izza, is that you?" That always happens without fail but life without any humour would be nothing, yes?

Crab-Eating Macaque - Mekong River

Giant Freshwater Stingray - Mekong River

After all the fishy bits, it was finally time for some amazing animals you'd find in China. At Yang Tze River, we found some Yang Tze Alligators and Chinese Giant Salamander! 

Yang Tze Alligator - Yang Tze River

Chinese Giant Salamander - Yang Tze River 

I think salamanders look hella weird lmao.

It was almost three when we felt hungry and Mama Panda Kitchen was a minute walk from Yang Tze River. It was pouring like there was no tomorrow so we figured that it would be wise for us to kill two birds with one stone - feed ourselves with the well known panda pau whilst waiting for the rain to stop before exploring the rest of what River Safari had to offer!

Anyway, here's mother nature at her best! - Viewing Deck

It took me so long to munch onto these cute panda paus! They're hella cute and taste divine! 
They have both red bean paste as well as chocolate custard fillings and we obviously chose the chocolate custard ones. I promise you, they're worth your $2.90 and you'd probably end up buying more than one for yourself. 

Without wasting anymore time, we visited the pandas at the Giant Panda Forest once we're done with the panda paus.

Red Panda - Giant Panda Forest

Giant Panda - Giant Panda Forest

I have absolutely no idea which one is Kai Kai and Jia Jia.

We didn't go for the Amazon River Quest because tickets were sold out like crazy so we had no choice but to miss out on certain exhibits. After having so much fun with the pandas, we head over to the Squirrel Monkey Forest. Monkeys were everywhere and we had bottles in our hands which leaves us feeling so afraid that they might just latch onto us. 

Squirrel Monkey - Squirrel Monkey Forest

Our last stop was the Amazon Flooded Forest where we spent 99% of our time there snapping some shots which are Instagram worthy lol.

Before we left, something lame came up into my head and we took a shot of all 5 of us holding hands. (You'll understand what I mean only if you've seen the original travelling pictures of the couple.)


That was it - the interesting bits of what we saw and did over at River Safari! 

Arina, Izzah and I made our way to Laksania, Jem for dinner after an entire day at River Safari. 

To end the day, we each had a cup of gelato. (Salted Caramel, Raspberry Cheesecake & Biscottino) 

Love, Izza

p.s there are tons of other photos but i'm too tired to edit most of them so this shall do.
p.p.s thanks a million izzah nazira for helping me capture most of the pictures (because i was too lazy) haha xx