Wednesday, September 18, 2013

SEA Aquarium + MacBarbie07 Meet & Greet in Singapore!

Hey everyone! I know I haven't been updating my blog for sometime and I thought that I would update you with a more personal post instead of the normal beauty blog posts which I usually do. I would first like to apologize for the quality of the pictures because first and for most, the lighting for both days were ridiculous. The interior of the SEA Aquarium was dark so the pictures didn't turn out to look amazing and the Meet Up with Bethany was really rushing! I hope all you lovely people don't mind the slightest and yerp derp, let's get started! 

My really amazing best friend treated us (Izzah and I) to a lovely trip to the SEA Aquarium which is at Resorts World Sentosa in case you're not from Singapore and you have no idea where it is or what I'm talking about! 

So thanks a million Isrza for the tickets and you know I love you to death no matter how annoying you can be every single time! Make sure you check her videos out on YouTube - she draws portraits of celebrities and she's actually drawing me currently! I'll leave her link at the end of this post so make sure you're subscribed to her channel! 

Anyways, we definitely had so much fun there and I would definitely encourage those of you have yet to visit the SEA Aquarium because the marine life there - one word amazing! You see things that you see in Finding Nemo, I promise you. I think that's enough rambling you guys are probably already at the pictures lol. (PS. They were all swimming really fast. I did try my best to snap the best I could! A for effort?)

There are a million more pictures but they weren't of the best quality so I decided to share with you the best ones I have! 

We made our way to VivoCity for late lunch/early dinner and then chilled over at Ben & Jerry's for some ice cream! 

Moving on to Bethany's, otherwise known as MacBarbie07 on Youtube, Meet & Greet over at Marina Bay Sands! If you're following me on Twitter, then you would probably be annoyed by my tweets the night before the Meet Up because I was spamming your timeline with tweets to win the "front row" passes from Power 98! I sincerely apologize for spamming your timeline! I gotta do what I gotta do! :-P 

As you can see, the crowd was crazy! I didn't expect a lot of girls to be there actually. 

While waiting in line, we wrote whatever we wanted to say to Bethers in a small notebook which we got right before the Meet Up! I also brought Syafiqah along with me because she was the first one to reply to my tweet when I asked if anyone wanted the extra ticket I won! I was also relieved that she was the first one to reply because I honestly wouldn't want to go wit someone whom I don't know at all. 

I just had to do this. You are one annoying little brat. I wouldn't care if you faint when you met Beth because you don't deserve the passes in the first place. Alright so, she was basically just chanting and shouting at her friend, Tessa, "What if I faint Tessa! I want to faint now!" in a really draggy manner but loud. Then everyone else there was like annoyed by her just that we didn't show it. Until when she said "I don't care about laoshi!" really loudly and this girl was like "I care about your teacher!" and then tons of others also went "Yeah, we care about your laoshi!". We were all literally laughing out loud and one of the guards on duty even said to her that he needed a pair of ear plugs. She was just really darn annoying. I pity Tessa.

AND THEN WE FINALLY GOT TO MEET BETHANY NOEL MOTA!! CAN YOU FEEL MY EXCITEMENT AS I TYPE IN CAPS? I was super nervous and excited which explains the ugly and wide smile I have on my face. She touched me can you see it asdfghjkl we hugged and we talked and we even took a selfie which I had posted on Twitter and Instagram! Thank you so so so much for coming to Singapore! I love you. Her parents were there too but they looked tired so we didn't dare to approach them lol. 

After the meet up we made our way to 313 to have our dinner because we were starving so bad we barely had lunch. 

Yesterday was amazing. I never thought that I could meet Bethany Mota ever. Thank you Power 98 and thank you Syafiqah for coming along! I hope you had an amazing time like I did! It was also a lovely catch up sesh because the last time we met was months ago!

That is all for today. I doubt any of you actually read till the end haha but if you did then I really appreciate it.


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