Tuesday, March 18, 2014

River Safari!

If you're anticipating for another beauty related blogpost, I sincerely apologize because I feel that it's time for me to include a lifestyle post - plus this "event" is worth reading! A beauty related blogpost will be up sometime this week and that's a promise :-)

Anyway, getting into the actual purpose of this post, my best friends and I decided to spend quality time  together during the year break. We decided that River Safari would be a spot on idea - I mean who doesn't want to visit the two most fluffiest and cutest panda? I'm going to sort of "bring" you with us through our day yesterday! (Only the interesting bits though!)

We started off with the Mississippi River where you can find American Beavers, Alligator Gar, Alligator Snapping Turtle and Mississippi Paddlefish! 

Alligator Snapping Turtle - Mississippi River

Moving on, we headed over to Gangee River to have a good look at the Indian Gharial and Goonch Catfish. 

Indian Gharial - Gangee River

We found Crab-Eating Macaque at Mekong River and all the usual "monkey jokes" started coming in! 
"Eh Izza, is that you?" That always happens without fail but life without any humour would be nothing, yes?

Crab-Eating Macaque - Mekong River

Giant Freshwater Stingray - Mekong River

After all the fishy bits, it was finally time for some amazing animals you'd find in China. At Yang Tze River, we found some Yang Tze Alligators and Chinese Giant Salamander! 

Yang Tze Alligator - Yang Tze River

Chinese Giant Salamander - Yang Tze River 

I think salamanders look hella weird lmao.

It was almost three when we felt hungry and Mama Panda Kitchen was a minute walk from Yang Tze River. It was pouring like there was no tomorrow so we figured that it would be wise for us to kill two birds with one stone - feed ourselves with the well known panda pau whilst waiting for the rain to stop before exploring the rest of what River Safari had to offer!

Anyway, here's mother nature at her best! - Viewing Deck

It took me so long to munch onto these cute panda paus! They're hella cute and taste divine! 
They have both red bean paste as well as chocolate custard fillings and we obviously chose the chocolate custard ones. I promise you, they're worth your $2.90 and you'd probably end up buying more than one for yourself. 

Without wasting anymore time, we visited the pandas at the Giant Panda Forest once we're done with the panda paus.

Red Panda - Giant Panda Forest

Giant Panda - Giant Panda Forest

I have absolutely no idea which one is Kai Kai and Jia Jia.

We didn't go for the Amazon River Quest because tickets were sold out like crazy so we had no choice but to miss out on certain exhibits. After having so much fun with the pandas, we head over to the Squirrel Monkey Forest. Monkeys were everywhere and we had bottles in our hands which leaves us feeling so afraid that they might just latch onto us. 

Squirrel Monkey - Squirrel Monkey Forest

Our last stop was the Amazon Flooded Forest where we spent 99% of our time there snapping some shots which are Instagram worthy lol.

Before we left, something lame came up into my head and we took a shot of all 5 of us holding hands. (You'll understand what I mean only if you've seen the original travelling pictures of the couple.)


That was it - the interesting bits of what we saw and did over at River Safari! 

Arina, Izzah and I made our way to Laksania, Jem for dinner after an entire day at River Safari. 

To end the day, we each had a cup of gelato. (Salted Caramel, Raspberry Cheesecake & Biscottino) 

Love, Izza

p.s there are tons of other photos but i'm too tired to edit most of them so this shall do.
p.p.s thanks a million izzah nazira for helping me capture most of the pictures (because i was too lazy) haha xx

Friday, March 7, 2014

Products I'd Repurchase! (Make Up, Skincare & Body)

Whenever my blog's kinda active, it only means one thing - holidays. Yes, I'm having my end year break before I start my year 2 as a polytechnic student. I have been doing some shop shopping during the holidays and discovered some amazing products which I have completely drown myself into. They're all pretty affordable so you can fall in love with them as much as I am!


Surprise, surprise! It's my all time favourite eyebrow kit from e.l.f! I swear to god this is something that I live by. I've tried filling in my brows with quite a variety of eyebrow gels, pencils and what not - but every single time I try something different, I will always come back to e.l.f's eyebrow kit without fail. Anyway, I have also changed my eyebrow routine (slightly) but if you're keen in how I fill in my brows then be sure to let me know in the comment section down below!

I'm pretty sure that I've featured this is one of my blog posts and this is by far the most amazing clear gel mascara. I know it's very discoloured at the moment and the only reason would be me using it so so so much. Each time I get my brows filled in, essence's lash & brow gel mascara has to be present. My brows literally go everywhere if I don't coat them with this. It's also very affordable in drugstores - so you guys know what to do!

The Naked 2 palette is honestly the most used palette I own. The colours are perfect for everyday use. I'm not going to go in too much about the palette because there are tons of reviews on Youtube and Blogger about the Naked 2.

It is no secret that I am someone who loves Bioderma. Let's be real, if you've never used this miracle water before then you're on the losing side. It is a slightly more expensive make up remover but if does wonder then why not? It takes me about 3 to 4 pieces of cotton balls to get all of my make up off with Bioderma. It's one of those few make up removers which does not break me out as bad and of course I don't use this on it's own to cleanse my face.


Moving on to body products, I am obsessed with Bath & Body Works' Coconut Lime Breeze! I have both the shower gel as well as body lotion but I tend to lean towards the shower gel more than the body lotion. It's probably due to the stronger scent - the scent lingers on your body for a couple of hours as compared to using the body lotion. It is indeed very moisturizing but the body lotion's a tad bit more subtle and I prefer for the scent to linger on my body. Hence, I prefer the shower gel more than the body lotion! Unfortunately, they don't carry the fragrance in the outlet here because if they do, that will definitely be my all time favourite fragrance.

In case you're new, you should know that I am a huge lushie! I always go back to lush shower products whenever I run out of 'em. These two scents which I'm including in my "Products I'd Repurchase" post, both have their solid soap bar version but I just prefer to use shower gels. It's Raining Men smells like caramel and honey - very sugary and sweet but definitely not overwhelming and of course the scent lingers. The soap bar version would be Honey I Washed The Kids!
Snow Fairy is a limited edition scent from Lush. It is normally available during the Christmas Season and not an all year round product. So I always have Snow Fairy stocked up to last me the entire year! If you know The Godmother soap, Snow Fairy is just the shower gel version. Lush offers the best products anyone can ever wish for and they're all handmade and against animal testing. It is overwhelming for a first timer to drop by lush because every single product in store is to die for. This is my fifth bottle of Snow Fairy - it's pink, glittery and smells incredibly good. You should give it a virtual sniff! Lush's products are also very moisturizing and not drying to your skin so I'm telling you to drop by Lush ASAP. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Get Ready With Me!

It's literally been coons age since I last updated my blog and this is also my very first post in 2k14! I bet nobody even noticed that I did not have my blog updated in quite a while but if you noticed and kept on checking back for a new post then it's no doubt my bad to keep you waiting. 

Anyway, while I was "away", I wasn't being productive at the slightest. What kept me busy was The Carrie Diaries, Glee, American Horror Story, 2 Broke Girls & Awkward. I feel like everyone needs to watch all these TV series, well TCD at least. I got quite a handful of people that I love hooked on TCD, American Horror Story as well as Awkward! Enough blabbering about my life because we need to move on to the actual point of this post before I bore anyone of you. 

Right after I get out from the shower, I will always apply my all time favourite face toner. I'm pretty sure most of you would know by now that I adore the Tea Tree line by The Body Shop!
I'm not going to go in too deep about this toner because I've blogged about it in a couple of my previous posts. Basically, this toner helps to control oil and close my pores so that there won't be any clogged pores when I apply my make up!

I have really sensitive and oily skin which makes it a necessity to apply a primer to conceal all the visible pores, create a smooth canvas and control the oil. I have an extremely oily face and it is unfortunate that Benefit's Porefessional does not really help my face to stay matte throughout the day. Other than that, it does wonders to my visible pores!

We all know that I only use Revlon Colorstay. I've been wanting to try out Covergirl Outlast Foundation though but the only thing that's stopping me would be the fact that it's only available online. Don't get me wrong, I am a sucker for online shopping - just not shopping for make up online! I will always get worried sick if it's the wrong shade or what not. Anyway, I have been applying my foundation with a damp sponge from Cala! I no longer use any concealer on my face (except under eyes) because it will get kind of cakey through out the day and it bugs me so bad! So, to get the most coverage out of the Revlon Colorstay Foundation, I will gently dab on the foundation instead of "gliding" it on my face!

Using my MAC Moisturecover Concealer, I only apply a layer of it to conceal my ridiculously heavy and dark under eye circles.

What's new? We all know that the only thing I use to fill in my brows would be E.L.F Eyebrow Kit! I've hit the pan in case you didn't realize!

I adore the Naked 2 palette so so so much. I would love to own the Naked 3 palette but for some reason, the shades don't attract me at the slightest! The packaging is however a beauty. I'm using Foxy for an all over the lid colour and using a blending brush to apply Halfbaked on the crease and slightly highlight my lids.

Curling my lashes is extremely important in my make up routine because it does wonders to your lashes! It makes your eyes look a lot more rounder, bigger and awake. I'm currently using my Revlon eyelash curler and here's a tip: heat your curler with a blow dryer for 5 secs to give your lashes an extra lift!

Recently, I purchased a new product from Essence. It's the Lash Mania Reloaded mascara and this is my fifth mascara from Essence. I promise you that Essence has the best mascara in town! I actually prefer this than my Benefit They're Real mascara. It does smudge as bad as Benefit They're Real. I mean whatever mascara I use will smudge at the end of the day but Essence Lash Mania Reloaded is by far the best mascara for me - it does smudge but only a tad bit and it gives my lashes the spidery effect which I love!

I've been using this bright coral blush from 3 Concept Eyes a lot recently because I feel that my face looks kinda "dead" and dull. It's not cakey and the shade does not look overwhelming at the slightest! It definitely compliments any outfit or make up look.

I avoid bronzers and powders on my face because I have pretty bad skin and they make my face look very very very cakey. Having said that, I use Urban Decay's De-Slick Make-Up Setting Spray to give my make up a dewy finish and at the same time keeping my make up in place through out the day!

I actually take 45 minutes to get ready for school every morning. I know.