Friday, October 18, 2013

Life Update: What I did during the semester break!

Hey everyone! If you're someone close to me then you'd probably know that I am still on my semester break. Unfortunately, school's resuming for me in a couple days and I am kind of befuddled or having mixed feelings about it. I've spent quite a number of nights listing down reasons (in my head) why the confusion and the main reasons as to why I am not looking forward to school would be the hassle to wake up really early (I'd consider 6.30AM early since I've been waking up around noon time for the past month.) and I am more of a shy and timid person but get mistaken as arrogant, unfriendly or what some judgmental kids in school label as anti-social. What's bothering me would be the first few days of school - not being able to confidently socialize with new people. On the bright side however, I'd soon be able to adapt to all the changes and hopefully look forward to school and the exciting new modules!

I doubt any of you would bother to know what has happened in my life during the semester break but I thought I'd just share a couple of interesting and memorable events with those who are interested.

The number of times I spent an entire day in town would be countless. It is getting really dull for me and I am actually really glad that school would distract me from shopping because I've spent my last dime on clothes. Here are a handful of pictures which are taken when I was in town!

My world has always been revolving around cameras. If you're following me on Instagram, you're probably aware that I would post selfies every now and then (I know I need help, major help!) but I am a wee bit camera shy when I don't feel comfortable with the individual who's holding onto the camera while I get my shot taken. Sahara, an extremely close friend of mine, thought that it would be great to catch-up with each other before school resumes for both of us. The sun was beaming that day and I figured that the lighting was fricken' genius for photos so I took the opportunity to snap some pictures in town! Besides that, we lived beyond our means and spent our last dime on food - ridiculously mouth-watering food.

Like what I've said earlier, school resumes sooner than I expected for the three of us and thus we felt the need to have lunch and spend quality time together just like the days in school last semester. If you know me, it'd be a miracle if I ever arrive early or at least on time. It was no surprise that I was late for an hour and four minutes to be precise. Definitely didn't want to waste anymore time so we headed straight to 18 chefs for lunch and it was pretty good but I can tell that I am getting sick of it already. I am not a penny pincher so I forked out quite a bundle for stickers to bombard my dull laptop and we only did window shopping since we were all broke after that. (We should consider calling ourselves "Broke Friends Forever" you guys.) It was humid on that day, no doubt so we felt extra lethargic and decided to take a short rest and we ended up snapping quite a number of shots but I've decided to only share with you some.
Holy guac! Can we at least have a decent shot together?

Clearly, I wasn't ready and every atom of me was already feeling utterly lethargic. 

I also spent Eid al-Adha with the entire maternal family at Malacca this year and it was such a worth eyeteeth experience. I have always preferred the shimmering and reflective city lights instead of the countryside where you hear birds singing and see greenery at every inch. This leads to only one conclusion - I am a tad bit spoilt and I don't deny that. When my parents told us (my sister and I) that we'll be away for almost an entire week at the countryside, I started to panic. I started to think about how it would be like without the internet and all the posh things you get to experience in the city. I honestly can't go a day without Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube as well as Instagram. I'm aware that sounds ridiculous and bad but that's how it is for me. I treated packing as a burden but I know that it would be fun to experience the country life. The adults thought that convoying would be a hassle so they decided to travel by a family van. Me being me, I slept throughout the entire journey there and only woke up when we stopped for food. We reached in the evening and my cousins and I were already thinking of ways to get connected to the social networking sites. Thankfully, Dad agreed to drive to the nearest convenient store and bought us a 3G prepaid card thingy. We were playing games and having dinner while he was away and found ourselves glued to our phones the moment he's back. I am not going to bore you with whatever happened during the trip. So long story short, I realized how the internet acts as an obstacle for us to interact with others literally around us. My cousins and I obviously had to do chores and we did complain and sigh every now and then but it was all for the ceremony which was held on the night for Eid al-Adha as we recite some prayers for my late grandparents. The entire thing was held over at my extended family's place and thank god it's not a wooden kampung house. Anyway, we had a group of orphan boys, choir(?) people and the other villagers. It was something which will never happen in Singapore.  

 Fun fact! It has been years since I last consumed the meat of the animals being sacrificed. I just eat other dishes prepared that day. 

That's my dad in case you're wondering. Right, I'm not gonna gross you out with anymore pictures of the meat.

They were all reciting some prayers and I couldn't actually go any nearer to snap a picture because I had no hijab on. 

That's Mom with a quarter of the cute orphans. 

This boy caught my attention throughout the entire performance. They played for almost two hours and he is so tiny but he played whatever the instrument is called for the entire performance. 

(Pardon my boxed-looking bum! I had my phone in my pockets.)

Of course, there are more pictures but enough for now because I am feeling so fatigue but if you'd like to see some more pictures of the trip, then follow me on Instagram or Twitter. I need to catch up on 2 Broke Girls!


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